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Student Ticket Sales Info

Howdy HMS Students!


It’s time to have fun, raise money for your school, and earn GREAT prizes all at the same time!  Click here  for the PRIZE LIST.

How do I sell tickets?

Send your customers online to or have them scan this QR code for one-stop shopping!


Breakfast tickets – Regular tickets are $10 and VIP tickets are $20.

Each regular breakfast ticket sold is worth (1) prize incentive ticket. Each VIP breakfast ticket sold is worth (2) prize incentive ticket. 

Event tickets – each ticket has a value of $1 at the event.  BUT they are cheaper by the bundle!

  • $25, get 30 tickets

  • $50, get 65 tickets
  • $100, get a whopping 135 tickets!

Every (10) event tickets sold is worth (1) prize incentive tickets - That means if you sell a bundle, you also get bonus prize incentive tickets too!

Event tickets can be used for food and beverage booths, all game booths, all attractions, and select merchandise.  They are NOT accepted at non-HMS sponsored booths, including SMHS or community booths.

Patron Packages:  You will only get credit for any Patron Packages that you sell to a family or individual that does not have any students at HMS. You will not receive credit if your parents purchased a patron package. For all patron packages, you will receive (1) prize incentive ticket for every $10 value increment. For example, if you sell a Cowboy package to a non-HMS buyer,  you will receive 10 prize incentive tickets; and if you sell a Sheriff package to a non-HMS buyer, you will receive 100 prize incentive tickets.

To get credit for sales, tell your friends and family to write down your name and grade when prompted online.

What if my friend/family/neighbor absolutely cannot or does not have access online?

You may contact one of the event or ticket chairs at to obtain a paper Ticket Sales order form and/or arrange pick up of paper tickets.


What is the difference between a VIP Breakfast ticket and a Regular Breakfast ticket?

Regular breakfast tickets are $10 and come with pancakes, bacon, milk or juice and coffee.

The VIP tickets are $20.  Those who purchase VIP tickets will receive special shaded seating and table service, plus a few additional food items that do not come with the regular breakfast meal.


How do I get credit for ticket sales?

You will get credit for each BREAKFAST ticket sold.  It does not matter which type of ticket (VIP or regular) is sold to get the credit.  Make sure that whoever purchases ticket(s) writes your name and information in the prompt box so you can get credit.

You will get credit for event tickets in $10 increments.  For example, if your family member buys $50 in event tickets, you will get credit for FIVE breakfast tickets.  If your friend purchases $25 of EVENT tickets, you will get credit for TWO breakfast tickets.

Please note that unlike last year, students can only earn incentive prizes through ticket sales ONLY.  Patron packages and donations do not count toward the redeeming of these prizes.


Where do I pick up my prize(s)?

Prizes will be given out on four separate dates: Thursday 9/28, Thursday 10/5, Friday 10/13, and Friday 10/20.  Come to the lunch court to receive your prize(s) on those dates.  

The Bo-Za Bonanza Lunchtime Party will be held at lunch on Thursday, November 2nd.  More details will be announced soon.


How can I increase my sales?

Share this link via email or social media sites.

Ask everyone you and your family know to buy tickets or donate to your school.  This includes neighbors, friends, relatives, tutors, music teachers, coaches, babysitters, businesses, etc.  We want them all!  Always be courteous and positive, even if the person does not want to buy tickets.  Be sure to thank them for their time and support of your school.  And remember, have fun while selling!

Questions?  Please email

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